Fishing in Seychelles is excellent, not only deep-sea fishing from a yacht but also shore fishing on almost any beach. I will share what you need to know about fishing on the islands, providing information to help you better prepare and maximize your enjoyment of your vacation in Seychelles.

Fishing in Seychelles: General Information

Key points:

  • Seychelles is a group of granite islands in the Indian Ocean, lacking coral atolls. With deep oceans and few reefs near the beaches, many shorelines offer great opportunities for fishing, thanks to both depth and seabed relief.
  • Fishing in Seychelles does not require a permit or license.
  • When searching for accommodation, pay attention to the availability of a barbecue (mangal). Many villas and apartments are equipped with everything needed for a barbecue; you just need to buy charcoal and, of course, catch some fish. Details about accommodation in Seychelles, including booking tips and considerations, can be found here.
beaches fishing in seychelles
You can fish on any beach in Seychelles. Simply drive along the coast, stop where you like, and start casting. The Takamaka Beach, as shown in the photo, is particularly popular among fishermen.

Interesting to Know:

I think the best shore fishing and a greater selection of boats for ocean fishing are found on Mahe Island. Here, there are more beaches and more fishing spots. If you plan to fish actively, choose the southern beaches of Mahe: Anse Soleil, Takamaka, Anse Intendance, and Police Bay, among others. However, you can catch fish on any beach. For a tourist overview of Mahe Island, check here.

For more information about the ocean, underwater world, waves, and currents, read the article through the provided link. In summary, you can catch various trophy-sized fish in Seychelles waters, including sailfish, tuna, marlin, barracuda, and more. Yes, it’s seasonal, and yes, it’s fishing, not a supermarket, but the chance of landing a trophy is high.

Big Game Fishing

What you need to know:

  • Yacht fishing takes place in the waters of Mahe, 2-5 km from the shore.
  • The boat usually has two engines, each with 150 horsepower.
  • The price includes the use of all fishing gear.
  • Fishing duration is 4-8 hours.
  • You can keep the fish you catch, but as tourists usually don’t need that much, they typically keep 1-2 small fish and give the rest to the boat’s captain.
  • This type of fishing is known as Big Game Fishing.
  • The standard price in Seychelles for a full day is around 650-800 euros. I’ve even seen a price of 1500 euros, including snacks and champagne. This is the cost for a group of up to 4 people, covering the entire boat.
yacht fishing seychelles
Photos from our fishing chat in Seychelles show a typical catch near Mahe when yacht fishing. Catching a 200kg marlin is a significant success, but smaller catches are more common.


Sometimes tourist-fishermen form groups and book such fishing trips. If there are 4 people, the cost can be around 150-200 euros per person. From personal experience, more than two people on a boat can be less comfortable. Two fishermen on a boat is ideal, though it depends on the size of the vessel.

Where to find yacht fishing in Seychelles:

It’s essential to understand that on 90% of the beaches, there are no excursion sellers or any infrastructure. Only Beau Vallon Beach has a chance of finding what you need.

Shore Fishing in Seychelles: Tips to Avoid Going Hungry 🙂

In short, you can catch fish almost anywhere using any lure or wobbler. Bring along an inexpensive spinning rod that you won’t mind leaving behind when you return home. Saltwater quickly damages gear if not rinsed after each fishing session.

shore fishing seychelles
Note the girl’s spinning rod and reel in the photo. It’s the cheapest rod. Bring it with you and discard it when you leave; it’s not precious. For casual fishing enthusiasts, this setup is more than sufficient. Fishing in Seychelles from the shore is entirely free!

The information above is for novice enthusiasts who enjoy casting a line on the beach. If you are a more serious angler who knows the difference between monofilament and braided line and wants to catch a real barracuda from the shore, the following information is for you.

Shore Fishing in Seychelles with Spinning: Personal Review

I fished on almost all beaches in Seychelles, never leaving without a catch, but mostly small groupers and cornets. On the southern beaches of Mahe, I targeted barracuda, playing with many but not landing any. A couple of times, the line snapped (length shortage of a 30 cm steel leader). The line often broke during jumps, headshakes, or rubbing against reefs. I wasn’t prepared for serious fishing. A longer and stiffer spinning rod is needed for casting distance and powerful hook sets at a distance. Also, a reel with a minimum size of 4000 is necessary.

Therefore, take your choice of gear seriously. The most crucial aspect of shore fishing is casting distance. A good long cast is 80% of success.

fishing price seychelles
Anse Soleil in the photo, you could be this girl 🙂

If everyone knows groupers, which are often caught from the shore, cornet fish is unfamiliar to many. You’ll often encounter cornet fish while snorkeling on any beach. For those interested, there’s a useful article with coordinates for the best snorkeling spots in Seychelles. All spots are easily reachable directly from the beach.

fish in seychelles
Here’s what a cornet fish looks like; it’s edible and delicious. It bites shiny lures and resembles almost like an eel.

It’s probably not surprising to say that fish is one of the main ingredients in Creole cuisine. Most tourists catch 2-4 fish, clean them on the beach, and fry them on a pan or grill in the evening.

But even if you catch nothing, that’s okay too. I recommend reading an article about Seychelles’ national cuisine and what a tourist should try. Barracuda grilled with Creole sauce is available in almost any restaurant.

In conclusion, fishing in Seychelles is fantastic. Fish bite everywhere, actively, and catching dinner is not the most challenging task. Buying fishing equipment on the islands is not easy, and you’ll need to go to Victoria for it, so bring your gear with you. Fishing on a tropical island on the equator is a dream for many.

Tight lines!

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