If you are an avid traveler who enjoys hiking and trekking, exploring mountains, and wandering through jungles, this article is right up your alley. I will share information about hiking in Seychelles, including routes, coordinates, descriptions, and photos from vantage points along these trails. This information will help you plan your Seychelles adventure for several days.

Hiking in Seychelles: General Information

Now, let’s dive into the most crucial information applicable to all hiking trails in Seychelles on any island:

  • Avoid hiking on trails after or during rain: The paths can become slippery due to either mud or wet rocks. Always check the weather forecast; it’s crucial. Read about the weather and seasons in Seychelles.
  • Ideal conditions for hiking: It’s best to hike in clear or slightly cloudy weather, especially in the mountains. Otherwise, visibility from the viewpoints will be limited.
  • Be aware of sunset times: It gets dark between 18:00 and 19:00 throughout the year. If you plan to hit the trails after lunch, bring a flashlight, as there is no lighting on the routes.
  • Access to most trails requires transportation: Taxis or car rentals are the usual options. While there are some bus options, they are irregular and might not cover all routes. Read these essential articles:
seychelles hiking
This is what hiking trails in the Seychelles look like, almost all of them. If it rains, it’s either slippery clay or rocks.
  • Trail characteristics: Most trails are not very long, ranging from 1 to 4 km one way, but they often involve an ascent of about 200-300 meters.
  • Footwear and equipment: Regular sneakers are sufficient; just avoid sandals. Trekking poles are generally not necessary. Trails cater to various fitness levels, but if uphill climbs are challenging for you, look for routes with less elevation gain.

Important Note:

Some trails are now paid. There is an entrance fee at the start. While some routes are still free, ongoing infrastructure development suggests that most trails may become paid in the next couple of years. Since I don’t visit these routes daily, if there’s a booth collecting fees during your visit, please mention it in the comments. I update the article a couple of times a year.

The average ticket price for such trails is around 100-150 rupees (7-10 euros). Here’s another crucial point:

  • Only card payments are accepted; cash is not. This policy is implemented to prevent theft, so cash transactions have been entirely eliminated.
  • The easiest solution if you don’t have a card is to wait for other tourists, give them cash, and have them pay with their card.
hiking in seychelles
A sign at the start of one of the routes – payment only by card, cash is not accepted! This is not uncommon in the Seychelles
  • Jungle Safety in Seychelles: Many ask me if it’s dangerous to walk in the jungle. No, Seychelles has no poisonous insects or dangerous animals. There’s nothing to fear. However, other dangers exist. If you’re curious, read about Hazards in Seychelles for Tourists.

About offline maps

This is a crucial section covering your entire stay in Seychelles and the use of map and navigation apps. Two things to do:

  • Have mobile internet on your phone: Whether you buy a local SIM or use roaming is up to you. Here’s an article about internet and mobile communication in Seychelles, tariffs, where to buy a SIM card.
  • Forget about Google Maps in Seychelles: Their maps are terrible here; using them will only make things worse. Just don’t use them.

Best for Seychelles

Download and install one of the following apps on your phone in advance: OrganicMaps or MapsMe. Install the Seychelles map; it’s easy. Both are free, available for Android and iOS. These maps are based on OpenStreetMap and contain all roads, trails, and jungle routes in Seychelles. There’s an elevation map, allowing you to preview steep climbs. All routes from this article are available on these maps. Also, if you download the country map in advance, these apps work offline.

Hiking Routes on Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue: The Best Ones

Now, the list of hiking routes in Seychelles. There are fewer on Praslin and La Digue, so I’ll include them all 🙂 On Mahé, there are dozens; I’ll highlight only the coolest, must-visit ones.

For convenience, I’m providing coordinates and Google Maps links, but be sure to transfer these points to your phones later.

Hiking Routes on Mahé

  • Anse Major Trail: The easiest trail, suitable even for children.
    • Starting Point: -4.619194, 55.396556
    • 2 km in length with a 100-meter elevation gain.
    • Towards the end of the trail, there are two small wild beaches, a small café, and scenic viewpoints.
    • It takes about 40 minutes one way.
    • While currently free, ongoing development suggests it may become a paid trail soon.
best viewpoints seychelles
One of the viewpoints on the Anse Major trail. Hiking in Seychelles is at least very beautiful 🙂

And then all the hiking routes in the mountains in the central part of Mahe.

  • Coppolia Trail: A route leading to an overlook of Victoria and the airport, one of the easiest mountain trails.
    • Starting Point: -4.646922, 55.452793
    • 1 km in length with an elevation gain of approximately 170 meters.
    • Entrance fee: around 7 euros per person.
    • Easily completed in an hour.
  • Trois Fréres Nature Trail: A spectacular viewpoint overlooking Victoria.
    • Starting Point: -4.638853, 55.451156. The trail is long, but we go only to the first viewpoint, there is almost no path beyond that: Trois Ferés View Point
    • Trail length: 1 km with a 200-meter elevation gain.
    • The trail is a bit more challenging, taking about an hour one way.
    • Currently free, but signs suggest future fees.
walking routes seychelles
This is the start of the Trois Fréres Nature Trail. There are signs everywhere, even on free routes. But this one will definitely be paid soon 🙁
jungle trails mahe
The Trois Fréres Nature Trail ends with this viewpoint overlooking the whole of Victoria.
  • Morne Blanc Trail: A favorite hike offering a moderately easy ascent and stunning views.
    • Starting Point: -4.660443, 55.437483
    • Trail length: 800 meters with a 220-meter elevation gain.
    • Takes about 40 minutes one way.
    • Free.
highest peak of seychelles
My favorite hiking trail in the Seychelles is on the island of Mahe.
  • Morne Seychellois Peak: The highest point in the archipelago, providing a challenging hike.
    • Starting Point: -4.642769, 55.449422
    • Trail length: 2 km with a staggering 620-meter elevation gain.
    • Paid entry: 250 rupees (approximately 17 euros).
    • A challenging trek; consider hiring a guide or negotiate with the cashier.
walking in seychelles
No comments: the top of the Seychelles. There is nothing higher on the archipelago

There are many more hiking routes on Mahe, but these are the best. The main thing is good shoes and good weather, and you can go.

Hiking Routes on Praslin and La Digue

On these smaller islands with lower peaks, the routes are simpler, but still enjoyable.

  • Glacis Noire Nature Trail on Praslin: A well-equipped, easy trail featuring the famous Coco de Mer palms in the jungle: Symbols of Seychelles.
    • Starting Point: -4.331620, 55.741125
    • Trail length: 1.3 km with a 190-meter elevation gain.
    • A high observation tower at the end provides panoramic views.
    • Entry fee: 7 euros. Nearby, 200 m from the start of the trail, is the main attraction of Praslin – the Vallée de Mai nature reserve. You can combine a visit. Read about Vallee de Mai in the review article on the island of Praslin.
viewpoints on praslin
In the top photo there is an observation tower on the Glacis noire nature trail, and in the bottom photo there is a view of the island of La Digue from this tower
  • Mont Plaisir – Anse Georgette Trail: A trail leading to Anse Georgette beach without going through the Lemuria hotel.
    • Starting Point: -4.303888, 55.688457
    • Trail length: 2.3 km with a 100-meter elevation gain and a 200-meter descent.
    • Scenic viewpoints every 500 meters.
    • Takes about an hour.
    • Free. The trail begins near the bus stop. A small unmarked path into the jungle

On Praslin, there is also the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve with an eco-trail. However, it’s not a full-fledged hiking route; rather, it’s a guided tour through a botanical garden lasting around 2 hours. More details about this place can be found in the link above in the overview of Praslin Island.

As for La Digue, it’s simpler. It’s a small island with just one small peak and only one trail leading to it. Few people venture there, and the path is gradually overgrown, but it’s still passable. It’s not recommended to bring children here, as there are places where climbing over rocks is necessary.

  • Nid d’Aigle – the Highest Point on La Digue, 350 meters above sea level.
    • Start point (The trail begins from the village at the island’s center): -4.356373, 55.835342. The precise location on the map is needed, as the trail is not entirely clear on the ground.
    • Trail length: 1.6 km with a 360-meter elevation gain.
    • It takes about 2 hours for a round trip.
    • At the summit, there’s a place with a view of Praslin—no extraordinary excitement, but it’s the only hiking option on La Digue.
    • Free of charge.
hiking la digue
Hiking is indeed available on La Digue in Seychelles, with viewpoints like this one, offering a glimpse of Praslin.

Travel Tips

  • Always carry plenty of water and snacks since there are no opportunities to purchase or refill water along the trails.
  • Take time to observe the surroundings; you’re in the jungle with a plethora of interesting plants. Botany enthusiasts will be in ecstasy. For example, on the trail in Praslin, you might encounter rare black parrots (we did, but unfortunately, there’s no photo).
trekking seychelles
Seychelles’ carnivorous plant – Nepenthes, and wild pineapples. All photos are personal, taken on jungle routes. Pay close attention to the surroundings.

Check out an interesting article on Seychelles’ flora and fauna.

In conclusion, hiking is indeed available in Seychelles. It’s not just about beaches and palm trees. An active tourist who enjoys trekking, reaching summits, and witnessing breathtaking viewpoints will find happiness here. If you can’t imagine a vacation without hiking, then choose Mahé Island. It offers the most routes, greater diversity, and more stunning views.

Wishing you excellent weather and successful summit conquests in Seychelles!

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