Discover everything about packages to Seychelles for couples, families, and more. I’ll not only cover ratings and package prices but also delve into the specifics of these packages, what tourists can expect, whether to opt for AI or just BB. Learn the nuances and what to consider when booking with any operator to avoid surprises at the airport upon arrival.

Packages to Seychelles: General Information

While this article may be brief, it contains crucial and valuable information. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Today, you can reach Seychelles through direct flights from 16 cities worldwide in 14 countries or with layovers at these airports. Typically, European tourists prefer flights with layovers. However, charter direct flights are also available. Most packages include flights on such routes, but not always. Seychelles packages with layovers in Istanbul, Doha, or Dubai are also on sale, and interestingly, this doesn’t significantly affect the package price. Pay attention to the flight details during booking; direct flights are undoubtedly more convenient!
  • Seychellois peculiarity: most Seychelles packages do not include airport transfers in the package price. It’s crucial to find this out in advance and arrange transfers independently. There’s no difficulty; the islands are small, but taking a taxi on the spot can cost around 50 euros. Everything about taxis and airport transfers in Seychelles: book in advance and get greeted with a sign at the airport.
packages to seychelles
Here’s a popular hotel where you can purchase Seychelles packages, the Four Seasons. By the way, the photo shows the hotel’s private beach, a rarity in Seychelles.
  • Due to the lack of transfers, pay attention to the hotel’s island. The only international airport in Seychelles is on Mahe Island. If you’re buying a package for a hotel on another island, the journey becomes significantly more complicated, not to mention increased expenses.
  • For those seeking only AI 5-star accommodations I recommend reading the article: Best 5-Star Hotels in Seychelles. The article will help narrow down your options, and the choice will be between 2-3-4 possibilities. Later, you can try to find a package for your chosen hotel or book flights and accommodation separately.

Prices for All-Inclusive Packages

Price of a package to Seychelles:

Current average prices for Seychelles packages for two for a week, including flights and accommodation, start from around 2500 euros, depending on the departure city.

Sometimes, this amount includes breakfasts. Those wanting AI are surprised by a sharp increase in prices. The price difference between BB and AI can be almost double. Here’s what you need to know and consider when deciding on the package you want:

  • Dining at restaurants in Seychelles is quite expensive. Dinner for two at a hotel restaurant or a beach restaurant is rarely less than 60-80 euros. If you also want to enjoy alcohol, it’s 100-200 euros for an evening, including all taxes and tips. A useful article about restaurants in Seychelles: menus, prices, where to eat affordably.
seychelles packages price
For example, a small lobster in creole sauce weighing 500 grams in any restaurant will cost around 50 euros. Even with relatively low food consumption, it’s challenging to spend less than a hundred euros for dinner, including grilled fish, beer, and salads.
  • Alcohol in Seychelles is also not cheap. Important information: the cheapest beer in a can in a grocery store costs around 3.5 euros for 0.5l. There’s nothing cheaper. A 0.7l bottle of local rum is around 23 euros. If you order this in a restaurant, multiply the prices by 2 or 3. For those like me who can drink 5-6 cans of beer a day, it’s very challenging here 🙂

Knowing all this information, calculate how many times a day you want to dine out, how much beer you’ll drink. Perhaps paying an extra 1000-1500 euros for an AI package for a 7-day vacation doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea. Seychelles, in general, is not a particularly budget-friendly country; it’s essential to understand this.

Choosing the Best Beach for Your Vacation

Here’s a brief and concise overview. A more detailed article is available through the link: Best Beaches in Seychelles. I’ll list general points that will help you when choosing a hotel:

  • The most popular and best beaches on Mahe Island are in the areas of Beau Vallon, Baie Lazare, and Anse Royale. Suitable for families with children.
  • Best beaches on Praslin Island: Anse Lazio and Cote D’Or Beach. Also suitable for families with children.
  • Very cool hotels on Mahe with private beaches, a rarity in Seychelles, as all beaches must be public: Four Seasons, Kempinski, and Constance Ephelia. If you’re willing to pay 500-1000 euros per night for a room, these are simply the best options that won’t disappoint
tour to seychelles
This is the Kempinski hotel on Mahe Island. The entire territory and the beach in the photo are private and closed to outsiders. Sometimes there are promotions and reasonable prices for packages.

Important thought:

In reality, Seychelles is all about beaches, and one beach is better than another. Yes, there are peculiarities and differences, but for active tourists planning to rent a car in Seychelles, the entire island (I’m talking about Mahe) is open. With a car, you can reach any beach within 30-40 minutes. There are tourists who buy the cheapest Seychelles packages for 2000 euros, spending each day on a different beach. The most crucial thing here is to understand what kind of vacation suits you best.

Where to Buy Seychelles Packages

In the age of the internet, technological advancements, and artificial intelligence, buying a package is easier and faster. Booking services gather packages from all our favorite tour operators in one place. The most popular resource is Expedia. It operates officially with round-the-clock support.

Below is a dynamic block table: the most popular Seychelles hotels, specifically the most popular ones that are in high demand and have high ratings from vacationers. There are not only hotels but also villas and guesthouses. You can click on any hotel, view photos, read reviews, and find out prices for your dates.

In conclusion, Seychelles packages for two start from 2000 euros for a week of vacation, including flights. However, the average price and a wide selection of good hotels and villas are in the range of 3000-4000 euros for two. You can confidently fly to Seychelles both as a package and independently, having booked accommodation in advance. And now you already know what to pay attention to when choosing a package.

Wishing you an excellent vacation!

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