I will tell you about taxis and Seychelles airport transfer: where to find a car, how much it costs, whether you can negotiate, and how to save on taxis. Saving will be on many minds because the prices will surprise you. But let’s go in order; the article is short and as useful as possible, especially for those who don’t plan to rent a car in the Seychelles.

Seychelles airport transfer or taxi?

It’s interesting to know:

In widely accepted definitions, a taxi is a car for the city, and a transfer is a car for long distances outside the city. For the Seychelles, there is no distinction because there is only one city, and the islands are very small. Here, any taxi is a transfer, and any transfer is a taxi.

So, if someone writes about transfers, shuttles or taxis in Seychelles – there’s no difference; it’s the same thing.

A few general points for you to understand the entire taxi market in the Seychelles:

  • The entire country’s population is 95 thousand people living on 33 islands.
  • There are paved roads, and cars are only present on two of them: Mahé and Praslin. Taxis exist only here. On La Digue, if you order a shuttle from the port to the hotel, a car may come, or a porter with a luggage cart or a bicycle may arrive. Where is the best place to stay in the Seychelles, which island to choose.
  • The entire taxi fleet in the country barely reaches 100-150 cars. There are no exact numbers, but in one of the tourism ministry reports, I saw a figure of 100 cars on Mahé and 30 cars on Praslin.
seychelles airport transfer
Any car can be a taxi in the Seychelles. This is the parking lot at the ferry terminal. Identifier: white checkers on the roof.


There are no major taxi services like Uber in the Seychelles. It’s a very small market, and no one is interested in it. The taxi in the Seychelles works like it did for us 20 years ago. Many private drivers, each with their own car, quote prices off the top of their heads.

Prices, payment, how to book transfer

Now let’s talk specifically about prices for taxi in the Seychelles and Seychelles Airport Transfer, how and where to catch or book them.

  • All cars are equipped with white checkers on the roof. There are no other distinctive features. There are even taxis without checkers.
  • Official meter rates: boarding around 4 euros + approximately 1.2 euros per kilometer. A 10 km trip will cost approximately 15 euros. But in reality, drivers don’t use the meter for tourists.
  • There is no app, no unified service with established rates in the Seychelles. You either message the driver on WhatsApp if you have their number, or you catch one on the spot. In any case, they will ask where you plan to go and quote a price before you get in the car.


Rates for tourists are high. On average, any trip on Mahé, even if it’s for 10 minutes, is unlikely to cost you less than 30 euros. A Seychelles Airport Transfer to any hotel is 50 euros, from the airport to the port in Victoria – 25-30 euros. Everything is expensive for tourists in the Seychelles. Why? Read in the article: prices in the Seychelles.
airport shuttle mahe
In general, you can also travel around the island by bus. From general points: you can’t take a bus from the airport with suitcases, but more on that later.

As for payment, cash only, but taxi drivers will accept any currency. Rupees, dollars, euros – no problem. Just make sure you have small bills in advance. No one has change.

So, how to get a taxi in the Seychelles or book Seychelles Airport Transfer:

  • Catch one on the spot. Usually, taxi drivers hang around at: the airport, the ports of Mahé and Praslin, where ferries between the islands depart, and in the center of Victoria. There are also cars at the most popular beaches: Beau Vallon on Mahé and Anse Lazio on Praslin. Just standing on the road and hailing a taxi is a bad idea because the traffic on the islands is very light, not to mention taxis; a car may pass by only once every 10 minutes here.
  • If you take a taxi at least once, the driver will probably give you their business card, saying, “Write to me anytime, and I’ll come.” Here’s the number: (248) 2519 050. His name is Mervin. Write on Whatsapp. Agree on the price immediately. He’s a clear, honest, cheerful guy, I recommend him. If you need rides to and from Victoria, feel free to write.
  • For those who need Seychelles Airport Transfer to the hotel, the best service and definitely cheaper than catching one on the spot is Intui. They meet you in the arrival area with a sign, the price is fixed. On average, a ride across the island from the airport is 35-40 euros. Almost all taxi drivers on Mahé are registered with this service.
  • For those who can’t rent a car but want to ride around cool locations, see various sights, and have a local guide who knows everything, renting a car with a driver for the whole day is an excellent option. Standard price for 8 hours for a group 2-3 persons: 250-400 euros.

Travel Tips

A few tips to help you find a cheaper taxi in the Seychelles:

  • If you hailing a taxi, negotiate the price. It’s not Istanbul; you can’t cut the price in half, but you can get a real discount of 10 euros. You’ll end up paying 40 euros instead of 50. The main argument when negotiating: say you’ve been to the Seychelles 7 times and know the real prices.
  • It’s absolutely safe to ride in any taxi; no one will rob you. However, I can’t say that crime is completely absent on the islands. Everything about safety in the Seychelles: what a tourist needs to know.
  • You can confidently travel around the island by bus; it’s cheap. But everything is arranged here so that tourists don’t use this mode of transport. For example: you can’t take suitcases on the bus, and you also can’t pay the driver in cash; you need to buy a special transport card, and you can’t buy it from the driver. Details about buses for tourists, where to buy a transport card, how to check the schedule.

In conclusion: if we generalize everything, the Seychelles are not about improvisation and solving problems on the spot. Everything needs to be planned in advance, and this is not only about taxis in the Seychelles. Only 4-5 international flights arrive at Mahé airport per day; taxi drivers don’t stand around 24/7. Sometimes there’s not a single taxi upon arrival, and you can’t take the bus. What to do? It’s easier, calmer, and cheaper to book Seychelles airport transfer at least a day or two in advance.

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